Acrylic painting on canvas
The Art of September

Dec 2019 - May 2020

“Your past and your future” was a group exhibition for Japanese female artists held in Amsterdam, Netherland.

As one of the fundamental aspects of human life, time is always with us. It passes by without any control, and we are not able to go against it either forward or backward. Yet, we often tend to have our expectations toward somethings in the future which you cannot predict, and we attempt to feel about the past as if we had our heart behind. Holding on to something that is not visually existing but emotionally, is what makes us feel disconnected from ourselves afterward.
In order to give a remind toward all these sensations, I created “Mellow Room,” where a girl with a neutral expression and subtle still life communicate us to live mindfully as who we are, having no unnecessary intentions behind. They appear to be more familiar with a dairy situation with absurd ambiance, showing that nothing else is perfectly happening in our own lives. They also transmit a message, that we can take our time as we want to, like staring at flowers in a room as if there are two existences of you and flower in a timeless space.

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